Our Game Categories

In order to better categorize our games for easy reference, each game in the Dice Hate Me Games library carries one of five different designators. These five categories are all named after an animal in the Chinese zodiac, and they indicate the overall complexity and, in most cases, size of box for that particular game.

Rabbit titles tend to be the light, casual and fast-paced games in the Dice Hate Me Games catalog. They are designed to be easy for younger players to pick up and play, and make for great family games. Pulsar , and the upcoming titles Diner, Brew Crafters Travel Card Game, Pie Factory, The Fittest, Easy Breezy Travel Agency, and Isle of Trains are examples of Rabbits.

Monkey titles are a step up from Rabbits, yet still very accessible to casual gamers. These games are also flexible and deep enough to provide a lasting challenge to experienced gamers. Carnival and The Great Heartland Hauling Co. are examples of Monkeys.

Rooster titles are our mid-range games. These games are perfect for gamers who are ready for a step up in complexity from Monkeys and typically include more involved gameplay, and a broad range of tactics and strategy. Roosters are still very accessible to casual gamers, and many experienced gamers will discover extremely satisfying play. Compounded and VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game are examples of Roosters.

Tiger titles are a bit more complex than Roosters, typically involving deeper strategies and tactics, as well as a robust system of open social play. These titles make up the bulk of the upper-range line of games with large boards, wooden and plastic bits, and thick punchboard components. VivaJava: The Coffee Game and Brew Crafters are examples of Tigers.

Dragon titles are the big boys – these include the most bits, the largest scope of strategy and tactics, and, naturally, have the biggest box! The themes of Dragon games are broad of scope, and involve new worlds or interesting twists on classic archetypes. The upcoming Bulletproof and Insomnia are examples of Dragons.

Of course, these categories are only guidelines, meant as a starting point for anyone to find a game that might best suit their style of gameplay. We would encourage everyone to start where they feel most comfortable and then explore the library for other challenges!