Dice Hate Me Games is back! And indie as ever.
There are a lot of cool plans ahead, so stick around – you are loved.

Dice Hate Me Games is a division of Dice Hate Me, committed to bringing entertaining, innovative, and challenging games to the table and beyond. “My passion for boardgames, dedication to quality, and guiding life philosophies are reflected in the wonderful designers, keen developers, and talented artists that I choose to work with.” ~ Chris

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Getting the brand back together isn’t easy. A new site and and web store are coming, as well as some awesome new games are in development. If you’d like to know when the store goes live, when there might be a big sale, or, most importantly, keep up with the progress and release of upcoming games, please sign up for the newsletter below. You won’t be bombarded by emails, and your email will not be sold off to spam gnomes. You have the Dice Hate Me guarantee.

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