Take the Bait

2013 | Designer: Cherilyn Joy Lee Kirkman & Chris Kirkman | Artist: Kwanchai Moriyah | Graphics: Chris Kirkman

Take the Bait is a light, Euro-style tile collection game featuring teams of four whimsical fishermen competing to bring in the biggest catch. Do you rely on sheer fishing talent, or do you break out the Banjooki 2000 Platinum-plated Turbo Reel to haul in the monster fish? The choice is yours!

Take the Bait is currently in the playtesting phase of production. A Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for late spring 2013, with a Q4 2013 release date.

You can also catch us here in the BoardGameGeek database.


Take the Bait plays up to four players, and features a game board laid out like a lake with the game sections arranged around the lake in a semi-circle. The players take on the roles of four fishing teams at a tournament, lead by some whimsical characters with special abilities from which the players can choose.

The game is divided into three days (rounds), with three turns each round. Players begin the first, third and sixth turns at camp, in tents. They visit the campground canteen and, depending on certain circumstances, choose a coffee for the day, which will determine their turn order. Of course, the coffee that gives the biggest kick allows a player to go first, but it also costs the most. Then it’s onto the tackle shop to buy some equipment – some items are mundane, but cheap, while others are a bit more special, but may require players to spend more cash or trade in certain items gained during fishing trips.

Next, it’s time for fishing. According to certain character powers, equipment mixes, etc. the players take turns drawing fish (tiles) out of three areas of the lake. The area closest to shore is the easiest to fish in, but it’s where all the smaller fish dwell. The middle body of the lake has some bigger fish and the third is the deepest, where the big daddies live, including one monster catfish that can never be caught. Mixed into the tiles in each of the sections are also various bits of detritus such as old boots, hats, etc. that always seem to latch onto hooks during any fishing trip. Some may very well be of use to someone if they, or an opponent, has a matching item…

The final station is the market, where fish can be sold for money to buy bigger equipment, or held until the end of the current day (round). The next turns continue until the end of the day when there is a weigh in, which scores points for players. The player who has the most points at the end of three days wins.

There will also be trades allowed between players with a “choose from two closed fists” mechanism, which could result in a bonus for one of the players. This trading should keep the game lively and social, as players tempt each other to “take the bait.”


“This was probably my favorite UnPub of Origins2012 … I generally loathe not having control over things in games, but this game does a fantastic job of translating the feel of fishing into a board game. There’s a palpable tension when pulling ‘fish’ from the lake, and an equal sense of achievement when you snag the correct one.” – Eric Leath, Games and Grub

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